NeoTell India was started by a group of professionals from the field of IT, Networking and Telecom with an objective to make the IT & Telecom Products and Services affordable and available to customers. NeoTell focuses on bringing & developing new advanced technologies in India. NeoTell is highly customer-centric and is dedicated to deliver results that are at par with international standards of planning, management and quality assurance. Keeping our customers happy and satisfied has always been our goal. And this is a goal that we seek to achieve by creating a product/solution that is highly efficient and is capable of satisfying the need of our customer.




Our New Launches

Neotell is a fast growing Indian Telecom Access Product Manufacturer & System Integrator

Our Fast and Giga Media Converters
Manufactured in India, to suit Indian environment and power condition.
International quality standard with local prompt support. Very good quality as compared to Chinese media converters, which are generally available in the market.
Integrated LPT Feature, no manual intervention/switch.
Integrated FEF (Far End Failure) Feature, no manual Intervention/switch.
Fiber Signal Detection. Great feature for Telecom operators to diagnose Link problems/issues.

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